remove uncategorized wordpress

When I first started using WordPress, I noticed that all of my posts were automatically being categorized as “uncategorized”. This started to get annoying real quick. And sometimes I would forget to select a category so I’d have a ton of posts listed as uncategorized. When I went to the Categories section of WordPress, there was no option to delete uncategorized from the list. I thought to myself WTF?? I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Wordpress uncategorized cant delete

After a little searching, I finally figured out how to delete uncategorized. And today, I’m going to pass along the steps to you so you don’t have to deal with the annoying little uncategorized anymore!


Under Settings > Writing, there’s an option called Default Post Category. This is the category that all of your posts will go under automatically. By default, it’s set to uncategorized. Whatever category is selected here cannot be deleted, since WordPress requires you to have at least one category at all times. This is why you’re not able to delete the uncategorized category. So switch it it to any other category and click save changes.

Change-WordPress-Default-Post-category (1)


Now that you’ve chosen a different default post category, you’ll be able to delete uncategorized. Go into Posts > Categories, and you’ll notice the option to delete uncategorized is visible now. Click on delete and it’s gone!


If you had some posts in the uncategorized category, they’ll just be transfered to whatever the new default category is so don’t worry, you won’t lose them.

It’s that simple! Say goodbye to uncategorized posts.