You might have heard the bloggers saying content is the king, in this post I have written the complete guide to write epic blog post that generates traffic.

The shortest way to blog success is to write epic blog posts consistently, these help you earn organic traffic (Traffic from search engines) hence to make more money from your blog. There are a lot of blogs in the internet for various niche (Your blogging Topic), to stand out from the crowd you should be able to give something bigger than your competitors.

The internet is overloaded with millions of blog posts a single day; hence “good posts” can’t help you to grow big. Today every webmaster knows that only the best content can generate traffic hence they write good posts and as a result the competition has increased to the next level. The answer for these is to a write epic post.

write epic post

In short, epic posts are those which provide authoritive information about a particular topic. People love super markets because, everything they need can be found in super markets. Likewise, people love the blog posts containing the complete information regarding that topic. The search also like the in-depth blog posts, hence they get high rank in SERP.

There are lots of rumors about writing a quality blog post. In this post I have revealed the secrets of creating an epic blog post that generates traffic.

What Is Epic Blog Post?

The epic blog post is the one which contain in-depth authoritive information on particular topic that is useful to reader, written in a well order, and that inspires the reader.

Creating an epic post is not so easy; it requires time, a lot of research’s and hard work. The epic post can drive more organic traffic hence the hard works are worth enough! The epic blog posts can boost your social shares that, people respect the hard work that you have gone through while writing.

You don’t need to write “Epic” on the blog post title to tell your readers that it’s an epic post, people can understand from your way of writing, topic that are covered, length of the blog post.

Use of Writing Epic Blog Posts

There are many use of creating epic post, they are,

1. The Epic Posts Help to Drive Traffic: The epic posts can drive traffic to your website. When you publish an epic content then it has a minimum guarantee that it will generate traffic (My experience taught me these tip)

drive traffic

I have shared an experience writing an epic post (I was not aware that it was an epic post when I wrote it, I wrote everything that I know about that topic! It was 5,000+ word blog posts)

In 2011 I owned a tech blog; it was created free using blogger (My first site on tech niche). I wrote 27 blog posts and the total number of visitors were ~ 266,000 after 8 months. The funny thing was that I got ~220,000 visitors for a single post. The title of that blog post was “10 Reasons why Blogger is the best free platform to blog in 2011.” Now you understand that one single post can drive all the traffic you need.

Search engines love to produce the best for their users, hence they update their algorithms to find the quality contents and bring them in to the first page. You might have heard about the Google panda algorithm. This algorithm is released for improving the user experience by providing high quality contents in the first page.

After organic traffic the best way to get traffic is from social networking sites, when a reader finds your posts informative then there is a chance that he shares it in social networking sites.

The research shows that the epic post is getting more social shares than the normal blog posts. “If you are able to produce the best for your readers, they will also do the same” The best that users can do is to share the posts (in-case I’m to not selling any products, sharing is just fine).

2. People Come Back to Read: This is one of the most important uses of writing epic blog posts, creating loyal audience is one of the hardest thing. You need to impress the readers for the first time when they visit your site and it’s not that easy. Users come to your site for getting some information, but if they don’t get what they search for they will never come back to visit your site.

The epic post will contain in-depth content that way the user can find what they searched for and they will memorize your blogs name to visit the next time.

There is another tip to follow, if people wish to memorize your domain name it should be small, easy to remember. This is one of the most important tips to remember while choosing a domain name.

The best part of writing epic posts is that it generates loyal readers. For the growth of a website, having loyal visitors is very essential. Reports show that most people like to stick to a particular site to get information.

Getting loyal visitors will help you to improve branding and reputation. The best trick to get loyal visitors is to post every day! This makes sure that your readers get new contents daily.

How to Write Epic Blog Posts?

A single epic post can bring the difference, think you get only 50 visits a day, but still when you publish an epic blog post it can help to boost your traffic.

Ok, now let me tell you how to write an epic blog post that generates traffic.

1. Find the topic to write about

It’s not that simple to pick a topic to write about, I usually take 2-3 hours to choose a topic to write about. There are several things that are to checked before you choose a topic they are

  • The search volume: This is the most important thing that is to be considered before you choose a topic to write. That topic that you select must have high search volume. If you write about a topic with very less or no searches, it’s like talking to yourself.
  • Do I know? Yes, while you opt a topic to write about you should consider this. If you are not good with the topic change it. If you are weak in calculus you can’t teach another person, like-wise to write a great blog post you must know the topic completely. You can’t teach someone the things that you don’t know yourself.
  • Will it be useful to your readers?: You must always choose a topic that is capable to help your readers Think that you need to write a post about your hobbies, this post is not at all helpful for your readers.
  • Is that topic in my niche: When you select a topic to write, you should consider that, is this topic related to your niche? If not, it’s better to pick another one. The off-niche post will affect will not help you to grow loyal audience.

Ok, these are the things to be considered while choosing topic for blog post. If you are not able to find the best topic that your readers would love to read then you can try the bellow tips,


  • Ask your readers: This is the best way to find the topic that can help your readers; you can create a post request page to know the need of readers.
  • Use question answering sites: The question answering sites can help you to find the topic that the people want. There are a lot of popular question answering sites to find the need of people. From the question and answer sites you easily understand what the people need. I relay the question and answer sites to write unique blog posts.
  • Social Networks: Through social networking sites people ask their doubts, if you know the answer, it belong to your niche and it has good search volume, then write a post about it. Most people first search in internet to find the answer to his need, but if they found nothing then only they will post that in the social networking sites. This helps you to write unique contents, if you have fewer competitors then it’s easy to more traffic.

These are the ways to find the topics that your readers wish to have.

2. Do Proper Research

The thing is that to write a great content requires great research. This part that takes more time, the research takes more time to write or to create the photos. If you wish to create an epic blog post but too lazy to run the research, I tell you there is no use of writing a lot, without doing a proper research.


There are 2 types of research that you need to take care they are,

Keyword research: You need to track down the best keywords for your post in-order to get organic traffic. It’s better to find long tail keywords that search engines give value to the long tail keywords. There are a lot of tools to find keywords.

Content research: If you wish to make your content better from the competitors and make it fresh, the only way is researching on the users need, I have already told you how to find your readers need and write accordingly. The content researches are the backbone of your epic posts.

These are two types of research that you should do before writing you blog post.

Ok, research is not possible without referring to other websites. I used to read a lot of articles before I write about a particular topic. Some articles provide you information, but some will not help you in any manner.

The research’s done by other writers can help you. There is one impotent thing that you should consider while reading from other person’s blog that, their way of writing should not affect yours, Write only what you know and what you learn, but never repeat what someone else has already told.

I always try to write in my own way. I don’t care if it’s entirely different from the website, which stands first on Google results for the keyword that I wish to rank for, but I won’t change my way of writing. Developing a trademark is essential to get noticed.

While you write blog posts try to include, the posts that are informative that written by someone else. The search engines will not care if you link to external sites that contain the same topic of your posts.

Many bloggers are afraid to link to other websites, which they worry that it will hurt their SEO. The truth is that Search engines, love the action of linking to quality sites. Think that you are searching for some “medicine’s name” and in one blog you see the details of that medicine and in other site you see the details of the medicine and also the links to a hospitals website where it shows more information. Which among the two blogs will impress you? I’m quite sure it’s the second blog. Like-wise search engine loves the action of linking to quality websites.

There is an important tip that you should keep in mind while linking to an external website, the site you link must be reputed and it must contain quality information else, it will hurt your sites SEO.

3. Write Everything about the Topic

As I told you earlier, the epic post must contain the complete information regarding the topic. It must act as a super market which has everything under a roof.

Your content must be ultimate guide on the particular topic, another thing is the length of the content, and it’s a debatable topic and many bloggers share different opinions regarding the length of the blog post.

I think it’s not about the quantity of your blog post, but it’s about the quality. You should be able to produce posts with high quality.

An ideal blog post will contain at least 500 words. But if you want to write the complete information regarding the topic it will surely go beyond the 2000 words.

Most of the article published in our website is more than 2000 words. But there are lots of website where the post contains low quantity but has high quality, but in most cases the quantity and quality are directly proportional.

Search engines hate low quality content. There are lots of Plugins to find the good contents. The Google panda plugin of Google is one of the powerful releases that results for destruction of thousands of websites.

The search engines give more priority to in-depth blog posts. The science of writing great blog post depends in the niche, some niches doesn’t require lengthy, in depth articles whereas, some require in-depth articles. If you are lazy to write a lot, the easiest way is to choose a niche where you don’t need to write a lot.

If you are not having time to write lengthy blog post every time, you can at least write a few epic posts to get good rank in the search engine. If you are able to produce a reputation in search engines point of view then, it’s easy to ranked high in the order.

Have you ever wondered how sites like TechCrunch getting ranked for the newly published posts? Usually when TechCrunch add a new post, it will be placed in the first page on Google search results within an hour time. It’s due to the reputation.

There is a mistake done by bloggers while writing posts, that they try to make the post a lengthy one, for that they repeat what was told before. These repetitions will annoy your readers.

The ultimate aim of your blog posts must be, “helping others”, people visit your site to gain some information and you should not make them leave disappointed.

4. Write Unique Posts

This is a trick to get more number of visitors, think that there was no article written about the search engine optimization, and you decide to write about that. Then you will receive enormous traffic, because you don’t have a competitor.

Writing unique post is one of the easiest tricks in the book to drive traffic, for writing the epic posts require more time. It’s not for writing, but it’s for researching. Let me tell you how I write unique posts.

unique posts

I rely more on question-answering sites like “Quora” to get the topic for writing unique posts.

At first I Quora and check the questions one-by-one and if I find a question posted by someone which is, relating to my niche, with high search volume and low competitors, and I know about that topic well. Then I used to write about it.

In my experience the unique posts can increase your web traffic.

The unique posts help you to stand out from the same-like contents. You can make a frequently used topic into unique, by expressing your opinion in a different style. “Search engine optimization” is one of the most used topics for blog posts, but you can make it unique. Just express your opinion and experience about it, this way you can covert most used topics to unique.

Ok, now you know what is meant by writing posts and use of writing unique post, now let’s see how to create a unique post.

Writing a unique post is easy, don’t copy some else’s opinion and way of writing. I used to write about my thoughts about a particular topic, hence it automatically becomes unique. You may be speaking about the same concept that is already told by someone, but the style of writing can make it unique.

5. The Measurement of Quality

The post that you are writing must be of high quality. The post must be highly helpful for the person who is reading. Think ten times before you hit the publish button, that you haven’t missed anything. “Never publish a post that doesn’t impress you” it must be your motto and always remember, “don’t write to write something, but write to help” it must be a bloggers thought while he prepares a blog post.

While you write a post, always think that you are writing it for a child, and then your post can be understood by every category of people. Explain well; don’t think that they already know what you have written. For example, when you write a post on SEO Tricks, first tell them what’s meant SEO then what are the uses of SEO.

The main problem of most bloggers is that, they try to act like novel writers. They write by adding difficult words and this won’t help them, most people like to read in plain language, not in some geeky words. You might be good in literature but while blogging, write in pure language that way your readers understand what you are actually telling.

A good blogger is like a story teller, he tells stories by adding emotions, actions and in clear voice. A blog post must be having the same capability; it should be clear to the readers.

6. Promote The Content Each Day!

This is an important tactic to increase your blog traffic. Most bloggers promote the content only, the day which they post it. If you wish to increase your traffic, then you must promote your posts each day. Everyone may not be able to produce good content daily for blog post, but still you can promote the content that is already posted.

promote each day

There are a lot of ways to promote your blog posts. The best tactic is to share your blog posts in the following sites,

  • Social Networking Sites: The sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus are social networking sites and such sites helps you to drive traffic.
  • Social Bookmarking sites: The sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Digg are the social bookmarking sites.
  • Article submission sites: The sites like Kingged, Indiblogger are the article submitting sites.

This is the way to promote your posts. Without proper promotion it’s hard to get referral traffic.


Writing an epic blog post is hard that you need to do a lot of research, take a long time to write. The ultimate aim of writing an epic blog post is that it should help the person who is reading your post.

The success of writing a great post will enable you to write more of the epic blog posts, but if the first attempt fails don’t stop to write epic post. Let me tell you my experience, I have already told you about my experience of first ever epic blog post and its result. After I got a great response to my first epic post I started to write more of its kind, but the result was failure.

The determination is a key factor for success. If you want be successful in life there is only one way, it’s called “hardwork.”

If you are a newbie to blogging then, start writing quality contents daily in-order taste the sweetness of success faster than ever.