The idea was to suggest (Invite) your friends to show your Facebook fan page. If you have a huge number of friends, you might find it hard to select all of them one by one.

There are few tricks which will let you select all friends at one go, and this is a huge time-saver when you have a long list of friends on Facebook.

Recently I found a Chrome extension that makes inviting all Facebook friends to like a page a piece of cake.

I am sure you are completely tired of that clicking on invite button again and again. In this article, I will teach you How to Invite All Friends on Facebook in one click?

Step by step guide how to Invite All Friends on Facebook in one click:

I will cover all the details with images. So just follow these steps and get rid of that time-consuming task of inviting all your Facebook friends.

Step 1 – Click on Add to Chrome & Install the Extension

Invite all Friends

Download Extension

Step 2 – Go to page or event on which you want to invite your friends and click on this icon:

Step 3 – Wait while extension sends invitation to all your friends:

invite friends facebook all

Step 4 – Invitation sent to all your friends:

I am sure after reading this article you will find this extension useful. You can give the rating to the extension after using the extension you will receive notification for that.  This is the easiest way to invite all Facebook friends at once. I’m sure those who have huge friend list on Facebook will love this chrome addon.

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I have been using this Chrome add-on for some time & never had any issue. If you have been searching for invite all Facebook addon, you must be knowing how hard it is to find a working solution.

Well, this one will not disappoint you & I hope it continues to work. One thing that you should know, if you have huge Facebook friend list, then you might be blocked to sent invitation again for few hours after you have sent an invitation to more than 1000 friends.

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