How to build strong blog brand image

Most individuals believe branding is strictly for large corporations with millions of dollars set aside for advertising. As an entrepreneur, I can say confidently that a strong clearly laid out “Branding strategy” is the reason why small startups outperform the giant corporations.

Knowing how powerful a brand can be, I set out to build a strong brand image for my blog and in this article, I will be sharing with you the step by step approach I took. Before I proceed, please I want to state clearly that building a strong brand image for your blog is not a one hit affair. It’s a continuous process that should be done over time. So if you are prepared to build a strong brand image for your blog, sit back and please read on.

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How to build a Strong Brand Image:

1.Use a Unique Design through out the blog

The next step to building a strong brand image for your blog is to use a unique design through out the blog. Though I am not a web design expert, I can tell from experience that websites with multiple designs are quite confusing.  Your design should be simple & elegant enough to make users click on your desired location.

The essence of using a unique blog design throughout the blog is to enable your visitors have a seeming experience while on your blog. Visitors should know when they are still on your blog and when they have left your blog. You can always use premium themes, but nothing beats a custom designed Website.

2.Use a Unique logo

Just as I stated above with respect to unique design, your blog should also have a unique logo. I don’t know how to emphasize the importance of a logo in building a strong brand image but I think you should take a cue from Adidas, Nike and McDonald’s and you will understand better the need for a logo. Your logo should be a true representation of your blog values because it is going to be your blog’s symbol of authority and respect in the blogosphere.

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3.Use a Catchy Header

How catchy is your blog header? This is a question you must answer with utmost care. Your blog header is usually the first thing visitors see the moment they arrive at your blog. Now how do you make your blog header catchy? I don’t know but I think the best step is to make sure your blog header contains the ultimate benefit every visitor will gain from your blog. Also, try to make it memorable.

4. Write a strong About Us Page

When I started out as a blogger, I never knew that my visitors will take their time to visit my “About us” page but thank God I didn’t take it for granted. Now I know better that visitors are interested in knowing who’s behind a website or blog.

Therefore, About page on your blog is very important in the process of building a strong brand image for your blog. Using my entrepreneurial experience, I wrote a very strong about us page for my blog. Now what are the components of a strong about us page?

I can’t provide a definite answer to this question but if you take your blog as serious business, then your about us page should include your blog’s mission statement, vision statement and its objectives. You can take a look at the about us page of All Blogs Info to get a better understanding of how yours should look like.

5.Find and Stick to your Own Writing Style

When it comes to blog branding, your writing style plays a significant role because your content is the voice of your blog; the utmost reason why visitors spend their time on your blog. To build a strongly branded blog, you have to find your own writing style.

  • Are you going to write long posts or short posts?
  • Are you going to write controversial contents or stick with the norm?
  • Are your contents going to be brash, brunt and straight to the bone ?
  • Are you going to step on toes like John Chow or stay out of face offs?

Answering these questions above will help you find your writing style. Remember, your aim here is to reflect your principles and ideas creativity in written form.

6.Choose a Suitable Posting Style and Stick to it

After finding and choosing your writing style, the next thing to look at is your posting style. How often are you going to post? Are you going to post daily, bi-weekly or weekly? You must figure this out and stick to it. It’s worthwhile you note that sticking to a posting style is where the challenging comes. Your readers should know when to expect your next post. After all; Branding is all about consistency and predictability.

7.Select your own blog interaction style with readers

The last but not the least way to build a strong brand image for your blog is to create your own interaction style with readers. How close do you want the bond between you and your readers to be? That’s left for you to decide. If you want to give your whole self to your readers, then go ahead and do it but you must make sure you stay at it to the end.

As a final note, these are my eight recommended steps to building a strong brand image for your blog. Just like I stated earlier, building a blog is a continuous process; not an instantaneous one. It’s not a must to implement these seven steps at once, take it one step at a time and I will see you at the top.

Do you have more string branding tip in your head right now? Do share it via comment.