As a writer, sometimes I wish I could just disconnect myself from the internet & keep on writing whatever is my head. Do you also feel the same?

This is one reason why I love desktop writing apps. When I was on Windows, I used Windows Live Writer, and now that I’m on a Mac, I use Desk App.

Desk App might be the app that every writer & blogger using Mac has been waiting for.

(Earlier I reviewed the Blogo app for Mac, which is another amazing desktop publishing tool. Read about it here.)

Desk App Review

I have been using Desk for about six months, and this gave me enough time to test this app from all angles. In this post, I will share the features of Desk App, how to connect with your blog using Desk, and a few other important things about the app.

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Desk App for Mac: Features & Review

desk app features

If you want to look at Desk from a basic perspective, you can think of it as a writing app for Mac. It offers features such as distraction free writing, supports Markdown, WYSIWYG, and many more.

Let me quickly list some of the more remarkable features of Desk App:

  • Supports tons of blogging platforms:
  1. Self-hosted WordPress
  2. Medium
  4. Tumblr
  5. Typepad
  6. SquareSpace
  • One click publishing to WordPress blog
  • Auto saves your writing so that you don’t lose your precious work
  • You can save your work on the iCloud drive
  • Lets you add tags, categories, and a featured image
  • Day & night writing modes
  • Word count & reading time can be seen as you write
  • Add images from desktop (Drag & Drop)

What makes Desk remarkable is that it is focused for writing. At the same time, it supports all popular blogging platforms making publishing easier.

Let me show you how to connect Desk with your WordPress platform and publish your work.

How To Use Desk App With WordPress:

Download the Desk App from the Mac App store here, and open it. You can start writing directly, and when you are ready to publish, you just need to click on the share icon on the left side. Here you can add as many blogs as you want.

For this tutorial, I will be adding to the ShoutMeLoud blog using Desk.

Adding WordPress Desk

Click on the + icon and on the next page select the blogging platform you want to add. In this case, I will be selecting WordPress from the list.

Select Blogging platform

On the next screen, add your Blog URL & login credentials. You can leave the API URL field empty, and click on “Connect”.

Connecting WordPress Desk App

Within seconds, Desk App is connected with your WordPress blog.

Similarly, you can add any supported blog with Desk for desktop based publishing.

I would suggest you spend the first 15 minutes understanding all the features of Desk. There are only a few core essential features that you need, but having a command on all of it will ensure you maximize your productivity.


Desk App is a powerful blogging tool for Mac, which is recommended for those who enjoy writing. This app costs $19.99 but is well worth the money.

The alternative to Desk is the Blogo app for Mac, which I have reviewed earlier. Both apps are great and work seamlessly with WordPress. Desk has an edge for many writers, however, as it supports various blogging platforms.

Download Desk App from Mac App Store ($19.99)

If you have used Desk App, I would love to hear your feedback & opinion.

Don’t forget to share about this awesome writing tool with your writing & blogging community.