What actually is blogging
I am not blogging from 8-9 years like Harsh but in my few years of span I have been asked a lot of questions regarding blogging. I have answered many of them but still I think that there are many who still need help. A few days back I read a post on the same topic but here I am not going to repeat earlier answered questions here.
Instead in this article, I am going to answer those questions which are often asked but not answered by the bloggers who know blogging because they think that those are easy questions and can be found on Google. But when I had those questions I didn’t know any blogger, who can actually help me and don’t make fun of me or even scam me.
When we come to the world of the blogging or before we come to it. We all think that there are many scams and cons. So, I want to make one thing very clear is that, Yes there are scams.But not all are fraud and many will help you if you can make out the difference.

1) What is Blogging, Actually?

Blogging is not only about writing posts or article. Blogging is about expressing your feelings towards something, exposing content to the people who need it. Not the people who know it.
Blogging is not about opening a website, it is about running the site.
For example:- Suppose you bought a car and keep it as it is, you don’t use it you don’t even maintain it. Then what is the use of buying the car?

2) What to do after installing WordPress?

Now, you have installed WordPress and you don’t know what to do. So, you start watching videos about customizing the site as you think that “If my site looks well people will like it” That is true but partially cause unless you have some nice posts they have nothing to do on your website and also no one will show you what all is necessary cause the results are based on your searches but you yourself don’t know what to search for.
  • Download WordPress Setup eBook (With recommended list of plugins)
  • Read essential setup tips for WordPress after fresh installation
Now, you will start thinking about the first post that you should write.
But in the mess of creating the website and customizing it. you forgot the main reason that you started the blog. And search for the content, but now this search for content becomes a habit and your blogging interest will start to decay slowly. Because you are not writing what is yours you write about what others write on their blog.

3) How to earn 100$ from a blog in a month, instantly?

Now, before you start blogging, people say you can earn 100$ from a blog easily and it is not a big deal in it. But I want to mention something you don’t wanna hear maybe. EARNING a 100$ in a month instantly is a BIG DEAL. Now I am not saying that it is impossible or you can’t do that. You can do that but for that, you need to know a hell lot of things.
  • Only AdSense won’t help
  • Only having a few good posts won’t do any good
  • Sharing articles on social media is not the only way of getting traffic
Now, what is the solution for those problems?
AdSense should be bloggers first preference if you are just starting up.”Other than Adsense there are many” as many of the guys say but did anyone mentioned that other than Adsense i.e CPC ads or ad serving companies, there are other companies offering different types of ads, such as
  • Inline ads which will add ADS to you posts’ text.
  • Redirects.
  • Popups.
  • Pop Under.
  • Which Pay Per View.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • By shortening links.
  • By reviewing products for companies.
Now, I can’t explain each and every type of AD as the post will become too long and boring to read. You can check about each of them by searching in the shout me loud blog.

4) How to bring your post in the Google’s Search Result?

5)How to know how many visitors are visiting your website?

Now, If you want me to answer the above two questions or have a newbie question of yours,then you can comment down so that I know that whether you guys are interested or not. For now, do share this newbie guide to blogging with your friends who might like to start a blog.