Android Apps for Bloggers

In coming days, smartphones could become our computer due to their compactness and pretty fashionable design. As a blogger, we should take advantage of these smartphones and make blogging more comfortable. There are millions of apps available on Google Play store but every application is not worth a try, so I have made a list of Top 10 Android apps for bloggers which will help you to organize your blog from your smartphone.

These apps are free on Google play store so you don’t need to spend your money on this apps.

List of Top Android apps for Bloggers

1. WordPress/Blogger app

WordPress Android app

The official application from WordPress and Blogger helps you to compose and publish a post on the go easily. You can publish new posts and edit old posts without a computer. This will come handy when you are in travel. WordPress app allows you to view statistics and other details right from your smartphone. There are a lot of apps for writing blog post available on Play store, but official apps are always reliable.

Download and Install from Google Play store Download WordPress App  Blogger

2. Plagiarism Checker

Unique content improves your blog quality and provides valuable information to your readers. Plagiarism checker scans your article or post by screening your content with 5 search engines Google, Babylon, Yahoo, Google Books and Google Scholar.

You can use this app to check whether the guest post submitted to your blog is a research work or copied work. On the Desktop, you can use Grammarly to check for plagiarism.


Download and Install from Google Play store Plagiarism Checker

3. Google Analytics

Track the traffic coming to your blog with this great tool Google Analytics provided by Google. You can view real-time analytics, audience location, goal conversions and behaviour of your audience. This useful insight will help you to plan ahead and improve your site traffic.

Download and Install from Google Play store Google Analytics

4. Google AdSense Android app

Check your Adsense earnings on the go with Google Adsense application. You can view estimated earnings, page views, clicks, CPC, Click Through Rate etc. You can enjoy all features available in the desktop version of Adsense in Google Adsense application.


Download and Install from Google Play store Google Adsense

5. Buffer app for Social media management

Staying active on social media will improve your fan engagement rate and also attract new fans to your blog. Updating Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn every time you publish a new post is a time-consuming process, Buffer app can share you post to all social media at the same time. You can make a schedule of your post and keep your social media profile with fresh content.


Download and Install from Google Play store Buffer

6. Evernote app for note taking on cloud

Evernote is the modern place where you can save your ideas. You can write notes, checklists and it also has an organised workspace. It is an essential note-taking app because you can save and retrieve your ideas from anywhere and with any device like a computer, Android phone and iPhone.

Download and Install from Google Play store Evernote

7. Feedly App for feed reading

Feedly is the only Android app you need to know about latest news from your favourite blog, YouTube channels and news sites. It is a great place to discover the best blogs on your niche and to read posts from various bloggers. You can add your favourite site to the Feedly app and it will fetch new updates when available, so you can follow all sites from one place.


Download and Install Feedly from Google Play store Feedly

8. Pocket

The pocket app allows you to save posts you want to read or videos you want to watch later with no internet connection. You can save articles from Twitter, Feedly, Flipboard and from sites you want. Here you can read how to use pocket app for offline reading.


Download and Install from Google Play store Pocket

9. Clear Focus for productivity

Clear Focus is a time management android application, it is based on the Pomodoro technique which means having a little break between working sessions. You can disable distracting apps, sounds, Internet connection during your work session this will give you distraction free working environment and thus boosts your productivity.


Download and Install from Google Play store ClearFocus

10. IFTTT (Automate as much as you could)

If this, then that can automate anything on your phone. If you publish a new post on your blog it will automatically share to twitter or to other social media according to your choice, this feature will help Blogspot bloggers to automate the sharing process. There are a lot of automation recipes available on IFTTT to make your blogging work easier and productive.


Download and Install from Google Play store IFTTT

Hope you found these blogging Android apps helpful.